2017 Collector Training

It's our good fortune to have one of the most humorous and inspirational speakers back again this year. If you caught Jeff's sessions last year, you know what we mean. Join us as Jeff Johnson once again entertains us with his one-of-a-kind style as we learn how to...

Create and Inspire a Winning Team

Learn about the 6 magical steps that energize individuals to pursue their best performance. Winning Teams are made of motivated people choosing to be incredible. Motivation comes from two places-Intrinsic (which comes from within) or extrinsic (external forces). Many leaders rely on incentives, penalties and other extrinsic motivation...but these incentives only go so far. The best leaders understand that to build a truly winning culture, you need to create intrinsic motivation.

Inspiring those you lead or work with to do great things for the love of the work itself and not because they'll receive a trophy at the end of the game requires inspiring in other a zeal for greatness. During this course, participants will learn how to inspire this passion in others.

Speaker: Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is a nationally acclaimed motivational trainer, speaker, and facilitator. He is a veteran in the credit and collections industry, and currently is the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Hawes Group in Vancouver, WA. Hawes Group provides management, marketing, finance, and accounting services to its affiliate companies, which collectively employ over 260 people.

Prior to joining Hawes Financial, Jeff had over 10 years of experience as the Manager of Client Relations for Columbia Ultimate Business Systems, a premier provider of collection and receivable management software. Jeff also served as a Director of the International Division of the FranklinCovey Leadership Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he worked with many Fortune 500 companies to improve internal processes through pinpoint training.

Originally from Colorado, Jeff earned his degree in Business Management with a minor in Human Resources from Brigham Young University. He is a certified 7-Habits Trainer and has numerous professional memberships, including the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). Presently, Jeff serves as Oregon HFMA Past President and on the HFMA regional committee. When not working, Jeff enjoys running, cross fit and spending time with his amazing wife and five children.